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Donna Lewis, an elegant boutique tucked away in a courtyard on Cameron Street, carries a rotating selection made with eye-catching fabrics.

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Pelosi’s masks start another fashion trend


Lewis had his local tailors make masks from remnants of the fine Italian fabrics he purchased for clothes, never really thinking they would become a major part of his business. But then one of his regular customers — Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House — requested a few.

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The Many Masks of Nancy Pelosi

The New York Times

The speaker of the House has relentlessly, and strategically, made masks a part of her platform.

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Put your money where your mouth is: Face masks that show off your civic pride — and a fashion sensibility

The Washington Post

As the D.C. area begins to reopen, cloth face masks are part of the new normal. So local designers and shop owners are pivoting to fill the void, whipping up masks that display a lot of personality.

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The Nancy Effect: Inside House Speaker Pelosi’s ‘Mask-To-Pantsuit’ Coordination

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is using facial coverings as a tool for personal and political expression.

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Animal print, beads or plain black, masks become about style

Chicago Daily Herald

They can be colorful or come in basic black, make a political statement or just a funny one.

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Nancy Pelosi’s matching masks and outfits are a 2020 style statement

Pelosi regularly matches her masks to her outfits, often choosing face coverings in punchy colors and prints.

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Nancy Pelosi’s COVID-19 Precautions Have Caused A Major Boom For One Virginia Boutique

The Inquisitr

One Alexandria, Virginia clothing boutique owner, Chris Lewis, owes much of his new business to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who put his store on the map due to the face masks she’s purchased from him.

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